Information for using small character LCDs such as the HD44780 with Mac OS X, LCDproc and Growl. And other Apple and Mac USB stuff.

Monday, October 26, 2009

iMon based VFD and remote on ebay

CoolerMaster Multimedia Pack

This seems like a good deal:

Cooler Master RC-260-OSB1 Multimedia Value Pack w/VFD M. Less than $15 shipped.

I just bought my next project!

Update 4-NOV-2009

This device lists as: Product ID: 0xffdc Vendor ID: 0x15c2 and works with the iMon LCDproc Compiler Script. Just change the /usr/local/etc/LCDd.conf file to include the proper USB Product id.

I was also able to get the remote working with some additional code, applescript and the very impressive Remote Buddy


iMon LCDproc Compiler Script

I uploaded the iMon LCDproc Compiler script / installer for Mac OS X. You need to have the Apple developer tools installed to use it. The script will download the latest LCDproc, compile it and install it with the iMon LCD driver. You may need to edit the LCDd.conf file to suit your particular LCD. This will likely block the mouse from working on your remote.

To use it, just:

  1. Download the latest version now.
  2. Open the iMon_LCDproc_Installer archive
  3. Double-click the "install.command" script
  4. Enter your password to allow installation
  5. Edit the /usr/local/etc/LCDd.conf file to include the product id of your iMon display

Download the latest version now.


The iMon LCDproc driver for Mac OS X now supports many more iMon displays including product IDs 0xffdc, and 0x0037.

Update 2009-12-21

See the new features: iMon LCDproc Compiler Script Update

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 Available

Growl Claw

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 is now available for download.

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 improves priority handling of Growl notifications, causing normal priority notifications to be displayed immediately on your LCD.

See it in action.

Take a look at the documentation.

Download the latest version now.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Universal Belkin F5U103 kext/Driver

Here is a Universal Binary driver for the Belkin F5U103 usb serial adapter. It works on Intel and PPC on Mac OS X 10.4 and should work on 10.5 also. Compiled from source available at: ubsa-osx project.


The ownership of the kext file will likely need to be changed to root:wheel